Jackson and Joshua were born in 1993. Discovering their affinity for visual arts while traveling between their two hometowns, their collaborative work now draws a medium between their two very individual examinations of life and modern americanism.

With most of their work shot on point-and-shoot 35mm cameras, their photographs often peer directly at their subject; a matter-of-fact vision. The core of their practice presents a full-frontal look at the inexplicably compelling oddities of modern life.

The work uses immediate elements to communicate the layered and mysterious content of their world. Their unified interpretation of life and fantasy merge their two perspectives and bring forward an acutely electric body of work centered on mortality and life’s moments of subtle madness- the understated absurdity within the everyday of American youths.

Their work has been featured and published by :

Billboard Magazine
Elle Magazine
Alternative Press
Dazed & Confused Magazine
Paper Magazine
Clash Magazine
Complex Magazine
The Fader Magazine


Condé Nast
W Hotels

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